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How To Address Snoring Naturally 0

How To Address Snoring Naturally

You will snore at some point in your life. That is a fact. Will it imply that something is wrong? Yes, it can. Can something be done to address it? Yes to that as well.


Snoring happens when your air has a hard time getting through your air passages. The air vibrates within the walls of the throat and produces a sound that we know as a snore. Snoring is more common in middle to older aged people. The loud kind of snore, that is. Snoring can be both a symptom of a condition or a cause to it. This is why knowing your health condition, medical condition, sleeping practices, and the way you snore can help determine how to address your snoring problems.


If your snoring isn’t caused by a medical condition, then you can opt for a treatment that won’t necessarily require medical attention. But if you are in doubt, it’s best to consult your physician. Here are some natural measures you can do about your snoring.


Drop the excess weight.

People who are overweight

Transcend Launches Battery-operated CPAP with Heated Humidifier 0

Transcend Launches Battery-operated CPAP with Heated Humidifier

Transcend announced the immediate availability of Transcend 365 miniCPAP, a CPAP and integrated heated humidifier capable of running on a single, travel-size battery.

Transcend introduces patented Capillary Force Vaporizer Technology (CFV) as an alternative to pass-over heated humidification. Unlike traditional CPAP humidifiers that must heat water in a reservoir to humidify a constant airflow, the new Transcend 365 humidifier instantly vaporizes water using an internal element and delivers humidification to the patient during inhalation, “resting” during exhalation. This preserves water and power and provides humidified air from the first breath. The responsive inspiratory-only humidifier also eliminates “rainout,” which describes when condensation collects in the CPAP mask and hose.

Clarence Johnson, Somnetics CEO, says in a release, “This technology is unlike anything seen in CPAPs before. It will be a game changer for sleep apnea patients with active lives and who have been unable to rely on their CPAP and humidifier in travel situations when mains power is not available or during power outages. The small size, complete feature set, and compatibility with any CPAP mask and hose makes the Transcend

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies Launches ProSomnus [CA] LP Continuous Advancement Sleep Device 0

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies Launches ProSomnus [CA] LP Continuous Advancement Sleep Device

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies launches a new oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea: the ProSomnus [CA] LP continuous advancement sleep apnea device. ProSomnus [CA] LP is a low-profile continuous advancement oral appliance that includes standard ProSomnus appliance features including biocompatible hygienic material, impression-free digital replacements, and device customizations. This new device utilizes proprietary technologies to resolve archform asymmetries, manufacturing variances, bulkiness, and other device design limitations of traditional dorsal style continuous advancement devices, according to the manufacturer.

“We love the precision fit of the ProSomnus [CA] LP, which means less time fussing during delivery,” say Jeffrey S. Rein, DDS and Neal Seltzer, DMD of Long Island Dental Sleep Medicine, in a release. “The small profile is comfortable for patients and allows less protrusion for an effective, therapeutic benefit for this lifetime therapy.”

The FDA cleared device has 34% overall lower profile compared to similar style devices by a competitor (data on file at ProSomnus) and ensures more flex for easy delivery. With natural anatomical scalloping, the ProSomnus [CA] LP is optimized for greater tongue space, measuring 38% less bulk for lip

New Retail Store Offers Direct-to-Consumer Home Sleep Tests 0

New Retail Store Offers Direct-to-Consumer Home Sleep Tests

Cash only medical distributor CPAP EquipSource has opened a sleep apnea retail store and showroom at 6629 Engle Road, Midddleburg Heights, Ohio.

It provides customers with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and who are currently on CPAP therapy with an in-store option to view and purchase the latest masks and machines available, along with accessories such as CPAP cleaning devices.

More controversially, CPAP EquipSource is selling home sleep testing kits (HST) for self-testing and screening of sleep apnea (OSA), which it says in a release “requires neither a prescription nor a visit to the doctor.”

It also offers sleep testing services to institutional providers, including skilled and assisted living facilities.

CPAP Store Showroom“Many CPAP patients are frustrated and tired of dealing with their current provider due to lack of service and supply options. This scarcity of parts or service results in patients not being able to use their CPAP devices as prescribed, which can ultimately lead to other, more serious health complications. We offer customers the convenience of being able to pick up a device from our store, if

If Power Outages Are California’s New Normal, What About Home Medical Needs? 0

If Power Outages Are California’s New Normal, What About Home Medical Needs?

AUBURN, Calif. ― Fern Brown, 81, sat in the rear of a tent on the windswept fairgrounds of this historic Gold Rush town, drawing deep breaths through the mouthpiece of a nebulizer plugged into a power strip atop a plastic folding table.

Afflicted for years with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Brown uses the nebulizer twice a day to avoid flare-ups that can be life-threatening. It turns her medicine into a fine mist that she can inhale.

Her machine runs on electricity, and when Pacific Gas & Electric Co. cuts power in the region amid wildfire scares, as it did earlier this week, Brown must scramble to find a place where she can administer her treatment.

She knows the makeshift “resource center” she visited on Tuesday afternoon, one of several set up this week by PG&E, is not a viable long-term fix ― especially now that power outages and the uncertainty that comes with them seem likely to be a more frequent feature of California’s fire season.

“I could rent a generator. Or can

What Percent of Chronic Insomnia Disorder Is Actually Caused by Sleep Apnea? 0

What Percent of Chronic Insomnia Disorder Is Actually Caused by Sleep Apnea?

Conventional wisdom describes insomnia as a mental problem best treated with sleeping pills. Though research has hinted at a physical connection between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and chronic insomnia (sometimes referred to as “complex insomnia”), no one had accurately measured how often OSA caused insomnia in a representative sample or tested how to optimize therapy.

But now a new study provides surprising insights into the prevalence and treatment of complex insomnia. Published in The Lancet’s EClinicalMedicine and funded by the ResMed Science Center, the findings show that a whopping 80% of treatment-seeking people with insomnia are experiencing physiological fragmentation of their sleep and resultant chronic insomnia from undiagnosed OSA. And the therapy that worked for most? Adaptive servoventilation (ASV).

Study Setup

Patients interested in a “chronic insomnia research study” were assessed by the researchers to see if they indeed had the markers for a chronic insomnia disorder diagnosis. Of the 1,663 who expressed interest, 1,003 were excluded up front due to not having all the symptoms required for the diagnosis (including 744 who did not experience impairment due to their

Most Prevalent Sleep Disturbances 0

Most Prevalent Sleep Disturbances

All of us need good quality and quantity of sleep. But unfortunately, not every one of us can get it. Society today compels us to work harder than we did yesterday. More time is spent on working than resting.  Sleep can sometimes be a luxury for some. But the truth of the matter is that we need as much sleep as we can get. Getting the enough number of hours of sleep is crucial and it should be of good quality. As in, you are having a deep sleep and not spending more time tossing and turning or waking up in the middle of the night.


Some people can easily fall asleep. Some others find it a chore. Some have a sound sleep while others don’t. Sleeping isn’t the same for everyone no matter how much we need it or get it. Sleeping can be inconvenient for others especially for those who have medical conditions. Here are some of the most common sleep disturbances.


Snoring. Snoring happens when your air passages get narrow.

About half of all people

Sleep, Anxiety, And The End Of Daylight Savings Time 0

Sleep, Anxiety, And The End Of Daylight Savings Time

Sleep, anxiety and daylight savings. With the beginning and end of daylight savings time (DST) comes sleep anxiety for some. As you likely know (or do now and are scrambling but just realized you have an “extra hour”), daylight savings time ended early this morning, November 3 in the United States, it’s time to fall back.

A lot of people who have sleep issues tend to stress out about the time change because it can be so disruptive. Falling back isn’t as hard as springing forward, but even a slight change may be enough to throw your whole routine off balance. Although I am fortunate enough to live in sunny southern California, winters in other parts of the world can be dark, cold and dreary which can also increase anxiety and depression.

I’ve written about the effects of daylight savings time before, and there are a few simple ways that you can lessen the effects of the time change.

  • Stick to your sleep schedule that’s best for your chronotype.
  • Eliminate blue light at night by putting your screens
Get Yourself A Better Sleep By Following These Tips 0

Get Yourself A Better Sleep By Following These Tips

Life is busy. Could it get any busier? Yes. But can you have enough sleep every day? Yes as well.  Today’s active and bustling society may not rest, but you can. In fact, getting enough and good quality sleep has to be given more emphasis these days since getting busy is starting to be a norm.


Sleep is just as important as good nutrition and exercise. One can never truly call himself or herself healthy without any one of these three. Sleeping can actually lead to a healthy life. If you are having a hard time falling asleep or getting a good sleep, these tips will help you out.


Shut off the noise.

You may not recall the racket caused by yesterday’s midnight garbage pickup, but your body probably does. Even if you don’t wake up, noise can disrupt your slumber and cause restlessness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and changes in breathing patterns…

(Via: https://www.health.com/sleep/advice-for-better-sleep?slide=525773#525773)


Have some aromatherapy.

Creating a bedtime ritual that includes diffusing (a process of dispersing) essential oils 30 minutes before

How Much Money Can Treating Sleep Apnea Save at a Trucking Firm? 0

How Much Money Can Treating Sleep Apnea Save at a Trucking Firm?

A research team led by the University of Minnesota (U of M) Morris found that a trucking firm that mandated treatment for its drivers with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) saved significantly on non-OSA-program medical insurance costs.

In new research published in the medical journal Sleep, the U of M Morris-led research team addressed this concern by identifying the savings on the costs of other medical conditions that result from treating OSA.

Researchers analyzed the medical insurance claims of drivers enrolled in the study firm’s sleep apnea screening, diagnosis, and treatment program. To estimate the savings in claims for an individual driver receiving treatment, the research team used a multivariate model to compare the costs of drivers accepting treatment and those refusing it. After excluding claims related to the program itself, they found a savings of $441 per driver per month for the typical driver who accepted treatment.

To estimate the aggregate savings for 100 drivers who were diagnosed and treated, the researchers compared them to 100 “screen-positive” controls (drivers screened as likely to have OSA who had not yet