Anger day today

i am really angry, and since i can't just let this roll off my back, i decided to blog about it.

my boss decided that he didn't like what i had done on a project. instead of asking me for corrections, he did it again himself. well, that makes what i did a waste of time, but whatever. We then had a meeting about this to decide if things were the way that they should be. Since i report to a board member on this project, and not him, it was important to me that it was up to certian standards. When ever i voiced an opinion on this matter, he got very upset with me in the meeting. I get very stubborn. I then questioned or had an opinoin on everything. he got more and more stupid and argued with me on things like hot a P-n-L shoudl be set up, and the meaning of "value" (when it comes to retail items).

well, i have to finish this project. which i don't have a problem with, it is my job after all, but come to find out, he didn't just use the first document i created, but he created a new one. so, now, i have to make the final document with this document that has information missing and typos. So, i am at home. I did not email myself all the working docs thinking that this information was correct and complete. i am supposed to have this done by the 8:00 meeting tomorrow.

hey, maybe they will fire me. oh wait. i already quit.