Bits and pieces of my weekend

My weekend was jam packed. Went to West County mall after work to help a friend pick out some stuff, then we headed out to meet up with a bunch of friends for dinner at the Big Sky Cafe. The food and wine were good, dessert was delicious, and the company was great! Later, couple of them went to Churchills down at CWE, I decided to head home instead because I was tired out.

Saturday was a busy day. Woke up early in the morning (not that early anyways) to meet up with Don and the STLVW gang for a fall scenic drive up to Grafton/Alton, IL. I didn't drive my car, instead, I car-pooled with a friend. A great way to get the adrenaline pumping on a saturday morning was to ride in a twin turbo Audi S4, doing 110 mph in 4th gear, with a whole bunch of Corrados, GTIs and Jettas zooming by in between. I took along my new digital camera, and you can check out some of the photos on the STLVW forum site. After the drive we all pigged out at Fast Eddies. Okay, I gotta say this, I felt rather intimidated being the only asian in the thick of a bunch of rednecks, but hey, the food was good, beer was cheap and the place is known to be a famous burger joint. Gotta try it out at least once. heh.

Saturday night was filled with hilariously weird questions, 6 inch platform high heels, and surprisingly acrobatic female, lotsa smoke and beer. It was definitely an eye-opener for me - my first time over at the East Side. Now I can proudly say: been there done that.

Sunday was spent at the theatre. Went and saw 8 Mile starring Eminem. The story was good, plot wasn't too bad, rap was awesome, but the ending was too abrupt. It left me going "uh, ar, huh? that's it?" Sunday night HBO is always good. Sopranos has an interesting twist, though I always hate it when somebody die. The Mind of the Married Man was exceptionally good this week as the plot hit very close to heart. I can't believe it's the season finale next week. Just when it got me hooked...