12 Things to Know About a Home Sleep Testing Program

From ease of use to immediate revenue to easy scoring and interpretation, a turnkey HST provider explains how to increase profits while providing high quality sleep apnea care, with little effort.

DreamClear is the turnkey home sleep apnea testing program that makes the entire process easy for providers and their patients.

Made by REMware, DreamClear home sleep testing provides:

  • Immediate revenue. Up to $5,000/month, based on test volume/reimbursement contracts.
  • Ease of use. You write the script and DreamClear handles the details.
  • Patients benefit from the most advanced HST program available.

Learn the 6 steps to DreamClear and the 12 facts you need to know about this turnkey HST program by downloading a free 2-page fact sheet now.


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