Do You Have A Sleep Deprived Love Life?

This week has been great. I am home all week, catching up on calls, articles and my reading. I saw a wonderful article in Psychology Today (where I post my blog as well), and it really put this question into perspective for me.

There is a good bit of research now showing how sleep directly affects our ability to get and maintain a romantic relationship.

Excerpt Taken from Psychology Today:

  1. Well-rested individuals are judged as more attractive. Poor sleep habits might be hurting your chances of catching the eye of your desired partner by lowering your perceived physical attractiveness (Axelsson et al., 2010). Photos of sleep-deprived individuals were rated as significantly less attractive, more tired, and less healthy compared to photos of the same person well-rested.
  2. Sleep deprivation may hurt your game. If your sleep is suffering, research suggests that your ability to appreciate humor is likely suffering too—and caffeine won’t help (Kilgore et al., 2006). This means that a good night’s sleep may facilitate more successful flirting.
  3. Poor sleep can fuel conflicts. (Gordon & Chen, 2014). Evidence gathered through daily diaries and laboratory observations showed that participants’ self-reported poorer sleep predicted more frequent couple conflict, less understanding of partners’ emotions, and poorer conflict resolution.
  4. Healthy sleep encourages a healthy sex life. Women are less likely to be in the mood for sex if they’re sleep deprived, as shown by a study examining the link between sleep duration and next-day sexual desire (Kalmbach et al., 2015). More sleep translated to more sexual desire and more likelihood of engaging in sex with a partner.

To add to this, I found another study looking at sleep deprivation and emotional regulation. Here a student reviewed 5 studies on this topic and here is what she learned:

The five studies revealed that, indeed, people who experienced sleep loss were more likely to negatively interpret emotional stimuli, a situation called “negativity bias.”

I call this being in a bad mood aka a grumpy fish! Never good for a relationship.

So, if you are having any relationship issues, could sleep be part of the core issue? If you are sleep deprived I would give a resounding YES. Remember sleep is healing, why would you ever deprive your body, mind or spirit of healing

If you don’t know how much sleep you may need to check out my bedtime calculator and get some sweet dreams!

Here’s an interesting article I was in this week.

Is It Better To Sleep More Or Exercise – Mind Body Green

P.S., It is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day if you are a mom!  Here are a few conversations you may want to have with a mom today.

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