Montefiore Addresses the Sleep Apnea-Atrial Fibrillation Overlap

Ronald Wharton, MD, and his team at Montefiore have been taking it upon themselves to shrink the gap of knowledge between cardiologists, sleep specialists, pulmonologists, and primary care physicians in the greater New York City area, reports MD Magazine.

To assess the issue—and possible solutions—in their own region, Wharton and colleague Lynn Zaremski, MD, of the Department of Cardiology at Montefiore, conducted a screening program for patients at an outpatient cardiology clinic who had not been previously diagnosed with OSA. Patients who had scored ≥2 on a questionnaire based on the metrics of the Berlin Questionnaire and Epworth Sleepniess Scale were offered a free OSA screening device for use at their home.

from Sleep Review

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