Custom Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Comparison Guide (October 2018)

custom oral appliances

Compare 16 custom oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea side-by-side. Click on the thumbnail or “OralAppliances1018” to open the guide at a legible size or print it. The guide compares features such as warranty, indications, materials, Medicare compliance, how it works, fitting, adjustment, connection between upper and lower sections, and peer-reviewed studies for the following products: Airway Management Inc dreamTAP, Dream Systems LLC OASYS with Nasal Dilators (Optional Tongue Repositioners), DynaFlex Milled Dorsal, DynaFlex Milled Herbst, Glidewell Laboratories Silent Nite sl, Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd Telescopic Sleep Herbst Appliance in Hard Acrylic, Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance Inc The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance, OravanOSA Oravan Herbst, Oventus O2 Vent W, Panthera Dental Panthera D-SAD (Digital – Sleep Apnea Device), ProSomnus [CA] Continuous Advancement Sleep and Snore Device, ProSomnus [IA] Sleep and Snore Device with Monogram Customization, Quiesco Health The Silencer with Haelstrom Hinge, SML-Space Maintainers Laboratories Clear Sleep Appliance, SomnoMed SomnoDent Fusion, and Whole You Inc Respire Blue EF+.

A version of this comparison guide published in Sleep Review‘s October 2018 issue. If your company is missing, e-mail the editor at sroy[at] so you can be considered for the next update.

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