How To Prepare Your Sleep For The End Of Daylight Savings 2018

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 4, 2018 in the United States and we return, or fall back, to Standard Time.

Here is the good news: we all get an extra HOUR of sleep on Nov 3rd! But this will affect different chronotypes in different ways and I have some unique recommendations for each of you.

For many, when time is artificially pushed back an hour, they gain some extra, much needed rest. The body experiences a little “jet lag” so to speak, but within a day or so the body will naturally reset itself.  But for some Chronotypes, the extra hour isn’t needed and may, in fact, throw off your natural rhythms.

Here’s What You Need To Know For Your Specific Chronotype

Lions: You won’t need the extra hour of sleep.  If you’re a lion, Daylight Savings Time has a tendency to affect you NEGATIVELY. Why? Because this particular day, your internal body clock will likely be going off at your normal time (5:00am which will now be 4:00am) and you’re not going to need to sleep in. For you lions, it’s generally not in your nature to sleep in anyway. I recommend you plan a quiet activity like reading, extra meditation or write and respond to emails and try to stick to your normal schedule. In about a day your waking pattern should be adjusted. It’s best if you go into another area of your home or apartment and turn on all the lights. You won’t need melatonin production at that hour because you’re already up and starting your day.

Wolves: You’ll be very happy with your extra hour of sleep because wolves are generally affected POSITIVELY. Why? Because you are ALWAYS sleep deprived! Daylight Saving means you’re getting an extra hour of much needed rest. I implore you, DON’T say up later the night before.   You’ll naturally want to stay up later, knowing you’ll get the extra “free” hour, but it will eliminate any benefit you’ll receive from the catch-up sleep.

Dolphins: Now is the time to lower your anxiety and sleep in. Most Dolphins tell me they sleep best from 4:00-6:00am, so enjoy the extra hour! Just remember to get a glass of water to rehydrate when you wake and if you REALLY want to start your morning right, have sex. For you dolphins, sex makes a lot of sense from a chronotype and hormone perspective.

Bears: As you may have already guessed, if you’re a bear, Daylight Saving Time will hardly have any effect on you.  You can sleep in if you like. It will provide you a little more rest, so if you’re so inclined, enjoy the extra time.  You’ve earned it!

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Sweet Dreams,
Dr. Breus

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