What Mom Really Wants More Of This Year For Mother’s Day, Sleep

Almost every mom I talk to wants one thing, a little more sleep!

This year, I decided to see if I could help you with a few gift ideas for mom.

Everyone, especially moms, love their coffees, teas, and other warm drinks. One of my favorites is Mushroom Coffee, a delicious cup has less caffeine than coffee and the benefits that come with mushrooms. While it sounds a little odd, it is delicious!

Want to be a real hero? Make your mom this homemade warm bedtime drink that will soothe her soul and warm her heart (and hands).

One large cup of hot water
Dissolve one tablespoon of raw honey (it will help her sleep) in the water
Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the hot water
Allow to steep for 60 seconds, deliver, and watch her enjoy

I often make this for my wife and myself before bed. It is a wonderful ritual and it helps you relax and drift to sleep. Nighttime rituals help you and your body prepare to sleep. They are a good trigger to tell yourself it is time to rest.

If mom (or you) is a hot sleeper, whether she is just wired that way or experiencing symptoms of menopause, the Chilipad is a great addition to cool down any bed. It is simple to set up and wildly effective. I was just looking at their site and they have a significant discount right now if you use the code: chilimom – I’m pretty sure the code works for guys too 😉 If the problem really is the result of menopause, you may also want to consider Femenessence, it works wonders from the reports I’ve heard from many women.

The Phillip Stein sleep bracelet continues to be a much loved gift, here’s a link to an article about it including clinical research. And finally, if she likes to read in bed, don’t forget the blue light blocking glasses. You’ll want to actually use the glasses, you may remember that I wrote about the research showing that “nightshift” on devices doesn’t actually do the trick.

No matter what you do with or for mom this year, from The Sleep Doctor family to yours, we all wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

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